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The Benefits of ProArgi-9+

Good Health is Impossible without a Strong Heart

The heart is a powerful muscle and the most important organ in the body. Therefore, maintaining optimal heart health and enhancing the cardiovascular system are critically important for long-term health.

Benefits of L-arginine Supplementation

L-arginine is a molecule that serves as a stimulator for the production of Nitric Oxide, an emerging secret to powerful cardiovascular health.

Check out these benefits:

-Supports cardiovascular health
-Enhances blood flow to vital organs
-Combats premature cardiovascular aging
-Maintains healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels
-Increases blood flow to muscles and may enhance energy levels
-Provides anti-aging benefits

ProArgi9 for Athletes!

Are you an athlete?

Or just short on energy?

Serious results for serious athletes and improved energy for all!

Pro Argi 9 has proven results for improved energy levels and dramatically improved athletic performance.

There are several ways you can take Pro Argi 9 to improve energy.

Firstly, you can take between 1-3 scoops of ProArgi9 half an hour before sleep at night, not having eaten in the previous 2 hours. The reason for this is any glycaemic substance in the stomach at this time, when L-Arginine is ingested, will interfere with HGH production during delta sleep, thus defeating the purpose of taking it in the first place. If diarrhea occurs, simply reduce the dose and gradually increase until your gastrointestinal tract becomes used to the higher dose.

You can also take between 1-2 scoops on an empty stomach 30 mins before intense exercise, or your race, match, etc.