Irish Bodybuilder Relies on Synergy for Energy

Jimmy Rogers is a lifelong athlete, but really began testing his strength when he worked for Heineken many years ago lifting and carrying heavy cases and barrels of beer every day. As he grew stronger, he began to wonder what his body was capable of.

Jimmy has been bodybuilding for over 15 years and competes in multiple competitions. His love for the sport is apparent in his daily routines and activities, which reflect a health-conscious mindset. He spends countless hours at the gym, puts great effort into meal prep, and pays close attention to the nutrition he puts into his body.

Jimmy and his wife Louise run a nutrition shop in Naas Ireland where they act as distributors for a variety of supplements and nutritional products including Synergy’s products. It was a year ago that Jimmy first began using Synergy’s line of products and according to him, his experience has been incredible.

“I’ve loved my experience with Synergy,” Jimmy said. “Before the products, I was getting through my day but I was feeling tired.”

After he began using Synergy’s products he said that his daily activities seemed to become easier and that the products helped his body get into the swing of things that helped him find a beneficial routine which aided in his active lifestyle both inside and outside the gym.

Source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: Irish Bodybuilder Relies on Synergy for Energy

no ingredients violate WADA compliance standards

none of the ingredients in ProArgi-9+, Mistify, PhytoLife, e9, SLMsmart, and Body Prime have been found to violate the WADA compliance standards

An increasing number of competitive athletes are finding the benefits of Synergy products, from ProArgi-9+ to Mistify to SLMsmart Meal Replacement. To protect not only athletes, but all customers and distributors who use Synergy products, Synergy keeps its products strictly compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

WADA’s main objective is to eliminate natural and synthetic drug substances in certain quantities from high-level competition. The organization publishes an annual Prohibited List that details the substances and substance usage methods that are prohibited at all times both in and out of competition. Synergy WorldWide proudly reports that after careful inspection of the Prohibited List and product labels, all Synergy products are WADA compliant.

Athletes and consumers of all ages and backgrounds can feel safe using Synergy products to optimize their performance and overall health.

Synergy Europe WADA Compliant Products

Body Prime
SLMsmart Meal Replacement

Here is the official document from Lynda Hammons, Senior Vice President of Global Quality and Regulatory Affairs, that certifies these claims:


World Record Holder is ProArgi-9+ Advocate

The heaviest giant log squat in recorded history is 1,000 lbs. The most concrete bricks broken at one time with a single strike is 60. The heaviest fire truck harness pull is 36,000 lbs.  What do these world records have in common? ProArgi-9+ advocate and 54-year-old Strongman competitor Randy Richey of Scottsville, Kentucky.

For 30 years, Randy has been defying seemingly impossible stunts of strength in various weight lifting competitions, but it wasn’t until his late 30s that he entered the Strongman realm.

Randy currently holds eight world records and performs with his Strongman group Omega Force Strength Team in 75-100 carnivals, fairs, church functions and other events up and down the East Coast every year. They bend steel, pull tractor trailers, pull stacks of massive tires, bench press cars, bench press people, and flip cars over.

In 2013, Omega Force appeared on America’s Got Talent and impressed the judges enough to earn a pass to the second round in Las Vegas. Their episode was the most viewed of the season and aired five times because of its popularity.

That same year, Randy survived an invasive surgery, and his doctors were sure he would never be able to lift even moderately heavy objects, let alone compete. However, his love of training pushed him to maintain a healthy lifestyle so he could get back in the gym. After giving himself ample recovery time, Randy squatted 805 lbs. for 10 reps. As proof of his doctor’s amazement, a photo of Randy pushing through these reps is hanging in their office.

Source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: World Record Holder is ProArgi-9+ Advocate

Champion Boxer Discovers Power of Synergy Products

She hung the bag on her front porch where she would jump around and hit it. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the sport. Her love of boxing strengthened from then on. Raised in Fagersta, Sweden, Malin didn’t waste any time in beginning her training.

“There are two important pieces to the puzzle for training,” she said. “Having the right people with you, and taking proper care of your body.”

Since making Synergy products a staple in her training regimen, Malin has even higher hopes for her athletic future and looks forward to what she will achieve using these products. Malin believes in Synergy products because they give her the “necessary push to take [her] martial arts boxing career to the next level.”

Professional boxer Malin Hermansson has been putting every ounce of focus into her training since her parents gave her a punching bag at 14 years old. 

“Boxing is an incredibly intense sport and it suited me perfectly,” she said. “I needed an outlet for all of my energy, and that is what boxing did for me.”



Sleep and exercise key to reducing stroke risk

Exercising regularly and getting the right amount of sleep each night significantly reduces a person’s risk of stroke, a new study has shown.

US researchers analysed data on almost 289,000 people who had been monitored between 2004 and 2013. The participants’ sleep was assessed, as well as their involvement with physical activity, such as walking, cycling and gardening.

The study found that those who got an average amount of sleep – seven to eight hours per night – were 25% less likely to suffer a stroke.

However, the same could not be said if they did not get enough sleep or if they slept for too long. In fact, those who got more than eights hours of sleep per night were 146% more likely to have suffered a stroke, while those who slept for less than seven hours per night were 22% more likely.

Source: Sleep and exercise key to reducing stroke risk