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As a powerful complexer, PhytoLife supports the natural blood-cleansing process and cleanses intestinal systems and the body. The included chlorophyll helps to boost the body’s natural antioxidant which protects and supports healthy cells.


Professional cyclists can never train enough. They train constantly to maintain and build both muscle and endurance. Even a few weeks off the bike can cost them in a race.

Synergy sponsored Swiss professional cycling team IAM Cycling is finding their footing this season and its riders are frequently claiming podium titles. Of course, there are crashes, injuries, and failures, too, but these elite athletes continue pushing and digging deep to give their best performances. Many of them trust Synergy products to get them through all of it.

Two IAM Cycling athletes spoke up about their love for cycling and for Synergy products. See what they had to say:

Dries Devenyns, Belgium

“When at races, the team provides us with a few Synergy products. Most of the time I use Phytolife and Mistify … they give me a good feeling, especially the Phytolife. It helps to maintain the digestive function of the body. We have to eat so much to provide the body with enough energy. It’s a bit like putting oil in a car I would say.

The hardest thing about cycling for me is the big stage races that are three weeks long. It’s hard to recover in between the races. Time flies by and in the third week fatigue hits really big. Overall, food is really important to refuel and it’s best to eat good quality food. The vitamins and minerals in Mistfy can help a lot. Quality food is vital for an athlete! Synergy offers great quality products, I would advise anyone to use them.”

David Tanner, Australia

“There are a few things together that make me love cycling so much—the training side, the racing side and team spirit, the beautiful places we get to see and ride through, and always striving for improvement and excellence.

Cycling has its highs and lows. Some days can be so hard with horrible weather and hilly terrain. Others can be a pleasure to ride your bike in. Regardless, we need to keep ourselves healthy and in recovery so that we can keep pushing the next day. I feel the Synergy products assist with this immensely, especially with immune system health. I don’t have a favorite Synergy product because I think they are all good and equally important!

For any professional athlete, the quality of nutrition is of upmost importance, not only to assist in health and recovery, but also to assist in peace of mind that the products are clean and safe to take! This is the reason our team chooses to use Synergy products.”



Karate World Champion Gains Competitive Edge with Synergy Products

Cathy McAleer is one tough woman, both mentally and physically, and is an elite athlete in mixed martial arts. Her schedule is booked with all things karate, from training herself and other karate champions to playing crucial roles in the operations of karate businesses throughout Ireland.

She is the Founder of NIKA (Northern Ireland Karate Academy) and runs two clubs in Queens Leisure Complex Holywood and Stormont Pavilion where she helps train a number of World, European, British and Irish champions. However, neither of these responsibilities are her full-time job. She works day-to-day as a general manager of one of Northern Ireland’s Virgin Active Health Clubs. In addition to being certified in sports massage therapy, Cathy has a bachelor’s degree in sports marketing.


  • World WKC Kata Champion 2014
  • World Kumite Karate Champion 2014
  • WKC Silver Medalist 2014
  • WKN European Full Contact Kickboxing Champion 2014
  • WKN Draw for K1 World Champion 2014
  • Undefeated Northern Ireland champion for 10 consecutive years
  • 3rd Dan Karate Instructor and national coach for Northern Ireland

“Many people ask me how I fit it all in and also have the energy to compete and train,” Cathy said. “Synergy’s range of products has made a big difference. All of the products are compliant with WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, as being free of banned athlete substances.”

Source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: Karate World Champion Gains Competitive Edge with Synergy Products

How Phytolife may benefit you!

As a contributor to this blog and someone constantly reading and researching in the areas of health, fitness and wellness, I believe in a holistic approach to health. Therefore, I have been delighted over the last three years to see my blood pressure tumble since taking the Synergy / Nature’s Sunshine product Pro-Argi 9.

And on top of that as soon as I had the confidence that my risks of cardiovascular disease had been reduced, I realised that the Pro-Argi was also having other positive impacts on my health, such as my cholesterol levels and relief from headaches.

However, the most surprising benefit was for my athletic performance. Now, firstly let me say, I’m no elite athlete!
I’m an average runner, not particularly fast, but I’ve discovered that I have a certain ability to simply ‘keep going’!
Which has led me towards ultra-running.

I started running in 2009 at the age of 37 and since then have moved from 10ks to half-marathons to full marathons
and now ultra marathons. However, my main love is mountain running, so therefore my favourite running of all is ultra-mountain running.
I have done 3 of these in the last 16 months, the Art O’Neill Challenge twice (55km) and the Wicklow Way Ultra (51km).
Both of these are over several/many mountain peaks, and the Art O’Neill is particularly gruelling as it is run across some fairly difficult openmountain, oh, and takes place at night time. In January!

So, how has the Pro-Argi helped?

Well, most runners use the likes of energy gels, isotonic drinks, electrolyte drinks, carbs, proteins, bananas, sugary energy sweets, bananas etc. All of these items have their merits, but for me pro-argi 9 has been the most significant element of my pre-race planning.

I make sure I take on board plenty of the product in the weeks leading up to an Ultra, increasing from 1 scoop a day to 2 scoops a day.

The main benefit has been increased energy, and improved performance, particularly in the latter half of these long races. As regular readers will know, Pro Argi works by introducing nitric oxide to the body, dramatically improving circulation and allowing the body to heal itself.

My theory with regard to ultra marathons is that this nitric oxide allows the body to keep fuelling itself when the electrolytes become diminished and gives the runner extra energy throughout the race, but particularly in the closing stages.

I have also found that Pro Argi has helped me with recovery, rest and repair in the days after these long races, and also (crucially) throughout the training period, which allows me to be more productive in my training plans.

Finally, it is not just Pro Argi which has helped my running so much (as well as my general health) but the whole V3 system.
The V3 system is comprised of Pro-Argi 9, Mistify and Phytolife. Mistify and Phytolife work in different ways, introducing antioxidants and much more to the body as well as eliminating free radicals, all of which works best when Pro Argi is used to help the body circulate the other items.

All of these items are available from Synergy Worldwide, a subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine, one of the most innovative companies in the world in the nutraceutical sector.
Please see the relevant pages on for more information on how to order.

Last point – next plans? Continue taking the V3 system, and work towards my next ultra-running event!



How Phytolife may benefit you?

  • Build better immune system
  • Better digestion
  • Healthy bowel function
  • Increased fat metabolism
  • Reduced cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Better able to cope with stress

Overall feeling of wellbeing Phytolife is a green drink that balances the pH in your body, detoxi- fies all organs and rebuilds cells and tissue.

Phytolife in combination with exercise is a perfect product for those who want to lose weight.

Phytolife is the green matter in plants formed during photosynthesis. Core Greens has the ability to harness the sun’s energy to perform various life-promoting functions. Naturally contains important vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients


Purified water, Vegetable glycerin (as a stabiliser), Colour Sodium copper, Chlorophyllin, Peppermint oil (mentha x piperita), Barley juice extract, alfalfa juice extract
To remain healthy the body must remain in alkaline state. Core Greens is a rich source of alkaline substances to help achieve proper pH. Works in the digestive system where most acidity is generated. To remain healthy the body must remain in alkaline state. Core Greens is a rich source of alkaline substances to help achieve proper pH. Works in the digestive system where most acidity is generated.

Water Detoxification

Core Greens is taken with water. Water supports the body’s detoxification process. The body is 60 – 70% water and needs continual replenishment to function properly. Every system in the body depends on water. Increased water intake helps balance alkalinity.

Additional Benefits of PhytoLife

Antioxidant properties to protect against free radical damage. Protects cells and builds immunity. Acts as natural deodorizer. Intercepts toxins and stops metabolism of dangerous chemicals. Core Greens has soothing properties.

Wonderfull PhytoLife