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Paul Hayes

PaulHWhen Paul found out that his lifestyle and eating habits were causing his blood pressure and cholesterol levels to rise out of control it was time to do something about if and try and reverse the damage that was already done. He looked around and found that Pro Argi 9 solved his high blood pressure in 2012.

From that point on he was on the way to getting it all under control and as Paul says: ” if I hadn’t discovered Pro Argi 9 in would have been heading for an early grave.”
Pro Argi 9 has helped me with my health and also my finances since I joined Synergy Worldwide as a member of thei system and the help and support from Synergy themselves has been tremendous. It’s like being part of a big family.

Enquire today about joining.
or call Paul on 01 230 3645 and get on the road to financial freedom and healthy living.

Paul runs an Internet Hosting and web design consultancy business. ( www.thehostingpool.com )