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Karate World Champion Gains Competitive Edge with Synergy Products

Cathy McAleer is one tough woman, both mentally and physically, and is an elite athlete in mixed martial arts. Her schedule is booked with all things karate, from training herself and other karate champions to playing crucial roles in the operations of karate businesses throughout Ireland.

She is the Founder of NIKA (Northern Ireland Karate Academy) and runs two clubs in Queens Leisure Complex Holywood and Stormont Pavilion where she helps train a number of World, European, British and Irish champions. However, neither of these responsibilities are her full-time job. She works day-to-day as a general manager of one of Northern Ireland’s Virgin Active Health Clubs. In addition to being certified in sports massage therapy, Cathy has a bachelor’s degree in sports marketing.


  • World WKC Kata Champion 2014
  • World Kumite Karate Champion 2014
  • WKC Silver Medalist 2014
  • WKN European Full Contact Kickboxing Champion 2014
  • WKN Draw for K1 World Champion 2014
  • Undefeated Northern Ireland champion for 10 consecutive years
  • 3rd Dan Karate Instructor and national coach for Northern Ireland

“Many people ask me how I fit it all in and also have the energy to compete and train,” Cathy said. “Synergy’s range of products has made a big difference. All of the products are compliant with WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, as being free of banned athlete substances.”

Source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: Karate World Champion Gains Competitive Edge with Synergy Products

Direct Selling Association Recognizes Synergy as Top Company

DSA President, Joseph N. Mariano, presented Nature’s Sunshine Chairman and CEO, Gregory L. Probert, with the award at the DSA’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.“This award is a testament to the great work of our tremendous Synergy Team Members and NSP distributors, and the support that our corporate team provides them,” Probert said. “We have a 43-year history as an innovator and industry leader in the health and wellness sector, and we’re excited to add to that legacy by growing both Nature’s Sunshine and Synergy to new and even greater heights.”

According to the DSA’s 2015 Growth & Outlook Report, the wellness category represents the largest major product group within the direct selling channel, growing from 21.4% in 2007 to 30.1% in 2014.
“It’s no surprise that wellness products continue to lead the direct selling channel,” Probert added. “And with our focus on innovative, science-based, premium quality products, Synergy WorldWide is well- positioned to take advantage of these trends as more people understand and pursue the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

“I want to congratulate Nature’s Sunshine and Synergy WorldWide not only for their longevity and track record of success, but also for their devotion to their distributors, customers and the DSA,” Mariano said. “By working together with industry-leading companies like these, we continue to ensure that ethical business practices and customer satisfaction are priorities in the marketplace.”

Source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: Direct Selling Association Recognizes NSP and Synergy as Top Company

Meal Replacement for Muscle Building?

You already know that SLMsmart Meal Replacement is a delicious shake that can help you manage your weight.* But did you also know that its unique formula makes it more than just a weight management aide? In fact, SLMsmart Meal Replacement may be used as a helpmate for individuals aspiring to build muscle, tone muscle, or maintain your physique.

As you share this product, you may want to consider discussing Meal Replacement’s effects on total body transformation rather the weight management alone. Combined with the proper diet and exercise routine, SLMsmart can be a key player in feeding your muscles the protein, fat, and carbohydrates they need.

How it works:

When you work your muscles, the tissue breaks down. The whey, soy and casein proteins in SLMsmart Meal Replacement digest at different time intervals that will aid in supporting muscles. Eating—or drinking—a protein-packed meal right before bed and saturating muscles with protein is a strategy popular amongst athletes to maintain muscle and contribute to muscle growth.

In addition, SLMsmart’s formula contains healthy carbohydrates that help support glycogen levels and offers the body a full meal’s worth of vitamins and minerals.**

SLMsmart’s formula is a blend backed by science. It was created by Synergy’s own research and development team of Ph.D. scientists. Each ingredient added to SLMsmart Meal Replacement was done for very specific reasons.

So whether you’re looking to reach a healthy weight or increase your protein intake to give your muscles a boost, Synergy has you covered.

Looking to shake things up? Try adding some fun new twists to your Meal Replacement shake! We collected our top five favorite recipes and published them in the December 2014 Legacy eMagazine

via Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: Meal Replacement for Muscle Building?.

Synergy Kickoffs Prove that Ireland is Ready for a Landmark 2015!

These Team Members gathered in Dublin and Heathrow ready to listen, learn and prepare for the new year. The events began with the Synergy Advantage presentation for recent Synergy distributors and guests in the audience. This introduction led into the highlighted speakers of the 2015 Kickoff events.

Attendees first heard from Wynne Roberts, Synergy’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, who talked passionately about the exciting developments Synergy WorldWide can expect to see in 2015. UK Team Members were thrilled to hear from Synergy’s new CEO for the first time in the market. Wynne was followed by Mark Comer, a Double Presidential Executive from Utah, who encouraged Team Members to keep building their belief, duplicate sponsorships in their teams and create urgency in growing their business and achieving their goals in 2015. His words inspired many to go home and really get to work!

Rob Lord, General Manager for Western Europe, gave an overview of the 2015 promotions, including the continuation of the 2×2 Builder Bonus and the SLMsmart promotions.

He then announced the exciting local Team Manager Academy promotion that qualifies Team Members at 10,000 CV or 20,000 CV on their weak leg (depending on their current title) with a minimum 5,000 CV increase!

Together, UK and Ireland Team Members committed to having at least 300 people present at the Rome Summit in September 2015…and they pre-registered 51 people at the Kickoff events! The Race for Rome promotion promises to be very lucrative indeed for those Team Members who start growing their business fast this year.

Thank you to everyone who attended these great Kickoff events in Heathrow and Dublin, you truly made these spectacular events. Get ready for a year with Synergy that will go down in the history books!

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