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ProArgi-9 Plus is Synergy’s top selling nutritional product.

One serving contains 5,000 mg (5 grams) of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine. Often referred to as the “miracle molecule,” l-arginine has potent health-enhancing properties.

no ingredients violate WADA compliance standards

none of the ingredients in ProArgi-9+, Mistify, PhytoLife, e9, SLMsmart, and Body Prime have been found to violate the WADA compliance standards

An increasing number of competitive athletes are finding the benefits of Synergy products, from ProArgi-9+ to Mistify to SLMsmart Meal Replacement. To protect not only athletes, but all customers and distributors who use Synergy products, Synergy keeps its products strictly compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

WADA’s main objective is to eliminate natural and synthetic drug substances in certain quantities from high-level competition. The organization publishes an annual Prohibited List that details the substances and substance usage methods that are prohibited at all times both in and out of competition. Synergy WorldWide proudly reports that after careful inspection of the Prohibited List and product labels, all Synergy products are WADA compliant.

Athletes and consumers of all ages and backgrounds can feel safe using Synergy products to optimize their performance and overall health.

Synergy Europe WADA Compliant Products

Body Prime
SLMsmart Meal Replacement

Here is the official document from Lynda Hammons, Senior Vice President of Global Quality and Regulatory Affairs, that certifies these claims:


World Record Holder is ProArgi-9+ Advocate

The heaviest giant log squat in recorded history is 1,000 lbs. The most concrete bricks broken at one time with a single strike is 60. The heaviest fire truck harness pull is 36,000 lbs.  What do these world records have in common? ProArgi-9+ advocate and 54-year-old Strongman competitor Randy Richey of Scottsville, Kentucky.

For 30 years, Randy has been defying seemingly impossible stunts of strength in various weight lifting competitions, but it wasn’t until his late 30s that he entered the Strongman realm.

Randy currently holds eight world records and performs with his Strongman group Omega Force Strength Team in 75-100 carnivals, fairs, church functions and other events up and down the East Coast every year. They bend steel, pull tractor trailers, pull stacks of massive tires, bench press cars, bench press people, and flip cars over.

In 2013, Omega Force appeared on America’s Got Talent and impressed the judges enough to earn a pass to the second round in Las Vegas. Their episode was the most viewed of the season and aired five times because of its popularity.

That same year, Randy survived an invasive surgery, and his doctors were sure he would never be able to lift even moderately heavy objects, let alone compete. However, his love of training pushed him to maintain a healthy lifestyle so he could get back in the gym. After giving himself ample recovery time, Randy squatted 805 lbs. for 10 reps. As proof of his doctor’s amazement, a photo of Randy pushing through these reps is hanging in their office.

Source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: World Record Holder is ProArgi-9+ Advocate

IRONMAN Competitor Triumphs with Synergy Products

IronmanTempe2On a surprisingly cold and windy day in Tempe, Ariz., 51-year-old Synergy Team Member Xavier Marin plunged into Tempe Town Lake with hundreds of elite athletes to compete in his first IRONMAN triathlon in 10 years.

“The start of the swim is crazy for everyone,” Xavier said. “There is so much anxiety, so much energy. People are grabbing each other. When I finished the swim I couldn’t wait to get on my bike. I felt strong when I was biking and steady when I was running.”

Thirteen hours and 11 minutes after he took off from the starting line, Xavier triumphantly crossed the IRONMAN Arizona finish line, which means he swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and ran 26.2 miles. Racers aren’t allowed any outside support, including headphones, which makes completing an IRONMAN both a mental and physical fete., The 6 ½ pounds Xavier lost on race day proves it.

Despite the sleet and rain, Xavier was able to keep the pace he maintained in the half Ironman he completed a few months before. He was even able to shave two hours off of his best time, proving that optimal health is attainable at any age. As a public speaker, life coach, general contractor, and father of two, Xavier knows how to take action to bring a vision to life.

“It was a year ago that I committed myself to be in my best shape of my life,” Xavier said. “I’ve been in great shape in the past, but I wasn’t into nutrition. I trained through the year with SLMsmart Meal Replacement, the V3 System, and e9.”

In his late 40s, Xavier said he was slower than he had ever been and figured old age was beginning to set in. When Xavier began taking Synergy products, he discovered improved endurance, the energy to push his body to go faster, and a timely recovery after training, which led him to believe that he was missing key nutritional elements in earlier training.

It was high priority that Xavier packed e9 and ProArgi-9+ for race day. He took ProArgi-9+ and e9 before the race and then every three hours throughout the 13-hour stint.

Read the full story at source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: IRONMAN Competitor Triumphs with Synergy Products

Diabetes and ProArgi-9 Plus

Dr. Joe PrendergastThe body’s destruction of diabetes can be stopped and reversed with an L-arginine therapy.

This is scientifically based with the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998. This medical breakthrough is that Nitric Oxide that is made from L-arginine in the body reverses Atherosclerosis.

Dr. Joe Prendergast (35 years as a Endocrinologist in Palo Alto with 7000 patients of which none have had serious hospitalizations, no amputations, or the myriad of health problems associated with diabetes) says, “Many people still think diabetes is a disease about sugar.”

No one dies from too much sugar  “IT’S NOT THE SUGAR! IT’S THE COMPLICATIONS!”  The problems with glucose regulation causes the complications which may result in death.

Secondary metabolic conditions and heart disease, not sugar intake, would cause Diabetics to lose the battle with the disease.

Diabetes and the Nitric Oxide factor If you are one of the 17 million or more  with diabetes, you already know how challenging this disease can be. Unless diabetes is carefully controlled, its complications can be devastating and dangerous. You may even face circulatory problems in the lower limbs which can lead to amputation.

The likelihood of developing heart disease and high blood pressure is increased. You are vulnerable to eye problems, called retinopathy, which can lead to blindness. You are prone to nerve damage or neuropathy.

Your hands, legs, and feet may bruise easily and heal slowly. You are susceptible to kidney disease.

Even if you are conscientiously following your doctor’s recommendations regarding blood glucose measurements, medications, and diet, you are still not immune from serious complications.

All this is what makes Nitric Oxide therapy (produced from L-arginine) so important to diabetics.

Nitric Oxide/L-arginine comes to the rescue – We do know that NO can intervene to help potential complications. Most diabetic complications – from erectile dysfunction to high blood pressure to eye problems – are vascular in nature and are associated with high levels of oxidative stress that impair the endothelial cells.

If you were to run tests on people with advanced diabetes, you would find that their endothelium is incapable of producing adequate amounts of Nitric Oxide.

When that happens, diabetic complications almost always follow.

By dieting, exercising and taking sufficient doses of L-arginine, you can reduce damage to the endothelial cells, boost your NO production, and halt the development and progression of diabetic complications.

We know that it can reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy.

We know that it plays a role in normal erectile function.

We know Nitric Oxide can reduce blood pressure levels.

Nitric Oxide therapy can make a great and positive difference in your quality of life.

We also know that the very best form of L-arginine is the formula scientifically developed by Dr. Joe Prendergast over 15 years, and used with many of his 7000 diabetic patients.

He has received many awards for this service to his patients.  ProArgi-9 Plus is this formula.  It is manufactured by Natures Sunshine, a multimillion dollar company that specializes in heath supplements worldwide and they  manufactur   manufacture under very strict controls and standards.

L-arginine by itself would take years to reverse Atherosclerosis because the process moves slowly with L-arginine only.  With the proper mix of ingredients the process can happen fast.

Diabetics are encouraged to monitor their blood glucose carefully when beginning ProArgi-9 Plus to assess how it will affect them.   L-arginine can cause slight stimulation of either glucagon or insulin release. Taken in the proper amounts this product is very useful  in the management and control the symptoms caused by diabetes such as cardiovascular and circulation.
Depending on degree of plaque built up younger people should take one pack per month and older people should start off with 3 to 4 packs and reduce as results can be noticed.

ProArgi-9 Plus Mixed Berry is sweetened with a natural sweetener (inulin, fructose, pea protein, and natural flavors) and stevia leaf extract. In the natural sweetener, inulin is the primary ingredient. Inulin is a natural prebiotic fiber that is naturally sweet and provides gastrointestinal benefits. There are less than 200 milligrams of fructose per serving, which is considered to be a very small amount that most diabetics can safely incorporate into their allowable daily sugar levels.
Each serving will have 5 grams of L-arginine, combined with L-citrulline, which helps keep Nitric Oxide in your system for 24-36 hours. It also contains vitamin D, which is actually a pro-hormone.

Compelling research has shown that low levels of vitamin D can lead to a host of health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and 16 types of cancer (including prostate, breast, colon, ovarian and Hodgkin’s lymphoma).

Pro-argi9 supplement also contains several vitamins and many powerful antioxidants, such as red wine extract (resveratrol which is super charged by L-arginine), grape skin extract, and pomegranate concentrate.

Contact us to today to find out how you can get this incredible product.

Synergy Lifestyle Transformation: Agnieszka Hercke

If you haven’t seen Agnieszka Hercke in a few years, you wouldn’t recognize her if you saw her today. She looks younger, healthier and happier, and even has some muscle to show off. Most importantly, she feels more like herself.

Agnieszka was introduced to Synergy Worldwide one year ago by her sponsor in Poland. Her participation in SLMsmart Challenges has motivated her to commit to a healthier lifestyle, which includes an improved diet, an exercise regime and the use of products from Synergy Worldwide, including SLMsmart, PhytoLife, ProArgi-9+ and e9. She credits the Synergy Worldwide products with giving her the energy to stay committed to her healthier lifestyle, which she feels has increased her confidence and strength.

Synergy Poland’s first-ever SLMsmart Challenge kicked off in October 2014, right after SLMsmart was launched throughout Europe. With about 15 kg to lose, Agnieszka was determined to change her life. During the first round of the SLMsmart Challenge, Agnieszka wasn’t too keen on hitting the gym. She never liked athletics and tried to achieve her weight goals by changing her diet.

When the second SLMsmart challenge rolled around she didn’t participate, but continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and watched as the weight dropped off a little at a time. When the third challenge began, she was ready to be a fierce competitor and committed to train almost every day, attending boxing, crossfit, spinning, and krav maga classes. Agnieszka never started a workout without taking ProArgi-9+ first.

Source: Ireland & U.K. – Synergy WorldWide Blog: Synergy Lifestyle Transformation: Agnieszka Hercke