Be pro-active about Alzeimers prevention

A recent article published in the scientific journal PloS One says that eating curry twice a week can help prevent dementia. Great news for us curry lovers! However, the science behind the claim is based on solid research which shows that curcumin (which is in tumeric – a staple ingredient of curry) helps deal with plaque that builds up on the brain.

As we know Pro-Argi 9 also works on clearing out plaque in the body, yet another reason to take our ground-breaking nitric-oxide creating supplement, so the news is all good in this week’s article!

Other foods which it is claimed can help prevent Alzeimers include oily fish, nuts, olive oil, a wide variet of fruit & veg plus small quantities of tea, coffee, dark chocolate & red wine.

Finally, here are some lifestyle suggestions from the HDM team which we believe can contribute to a healthy future for you and your brain;
– Daily exercise
– Mental stimulation, for example card games or bridge
– Active social life & hobbies
– Try your best to reduce stress and get at least 7 hours of good quality sleep every night

Now, go out tonight and treat yourself to that curry!

Here’s a link to the research;